About Silicones

Performance properties

Silicones bring unique performances and properties that make them the material of choice for countless essential applications in our day-to-day lives. They can make materials that do not want to stick together adhere. They are thermally stable meaning they retain their properties under high thermal stress (which means severe temperature changes). They help cool systems down, insulate, lubricate, protect and much more!


The long-term performance of silicones is a key element to the durability of many applications where they are used. Whether it is a satellite, a train or simply a baking mould, silicones help extend their life span.

One of the main uses of silicones where long-lasting performance is essential are construction sealants. Buildings are required to withstand different weather conditions and deterioration, and this is where silicones play an important role.

Examples of applications

Wind turbine coatings
Building sealants
Car airbag coatings
Airplane black box

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