About Silicones

Performance properties

Silicones bring unique performances and properties that make them the material of choice for countless essential applications in our day-to-day lives. They can make materials that do not want to stick together adhere. They are thermally stable meaning they retain their properties under high thermal stress (which means severe temperature changes). They help cool systems down, insulate, lubricate, protect and much more!


Silicones own outstanding hydrophobic properties. This is especially important for long-lasting applications exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Use examples are silicone rubber insulators and surge arrestors – which benefit from energy efficient processing, lightweight handling compared to classic solutions, and excellent insulating and weather resistant properties – overall contributing to the renewal of the EU’s grid and power lines.

A second highlight where silicones play their full advantage of water repellence is building protection and restoration with e.g. silicone resin emulsion paints help to reduce the energy demand for heating because the building façades are kept dry from the outside face while water vapour from inside can pass and kept the building dry as well. 

Examples of applications

Building protection
High & medium voltage insulators
Car care
Building insulation
Automotive electronic protection

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