About Silicones

Performance properties

Silicones bring unique performances and properties that make them the material of choice for countless essential applications in our day-to-day lives. They can make materials that do not want to stick together adhere. They are thermally stable meaning they retain their properties under high thermal stress (which means severe temperature changes). They help cool systems down, insulate, lubricate, protect and much more!


Silicones can be processed into a wide range of products through methods that integrate a wide variety of manufacturing processes. These include the coupling of different organic side chains to a silicon-oxygen base, adding fillers and additives.


This is enabled because of silicones’ flexible molecular structure. They can be made in any combination of organic materials and processing methods to adapt to different requirements and applications. This allows manufacturers to create an almost unlimited number of products with different characteristics and appearances.

Examples of applications

Printing inks
PU sealants
Glass-fibre cloths
Metal lubricant sprays

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