Silicones and EU Policy Goals

Green Transition

The European Green Deal enshrined the ambition to achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. Silicones Europe supports this objective and embraces the regulatory momentum to meet this ambition.

EU Green Deal

The European Green Deal is a paradigm shifting policy framework which fundamentally aims to tackle climate change and ensure longer lasting products through, inter alia, the setting of ambitious energy and circular economy related targets.

It was unveiled by the European Commission and has transformed EU policy to ensure the Union’s legal and non-legally binding instruments are fit for a sustainable future. Covering all sectors of the economy, the Green Deal provides an opportunity for industry at large to actively contribute to a societal shift towards more sustainability.

Silicones & Green Deal.

Due to their durability and resistance to weathering, chemicals and high temperatures, silicones extend the lifespan of products. This is the case for automobile engines, electric vehicles and batteries, solar panels, wind turbines, construction sealants and adhesives, electrical devices. Extended lifespans minimise waste and support the ambition to reduce the demand for primary materials.

Acting as key enablers of the European Green Deal, silicones and sustainability are inseparable. In fact, it has been found that using products made with silicones saves 9 times more greenhouse gases than what was emitted during the manufacture of these silicone materials.


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By using products made with silicones, you save 9 times more greenhouse gases than what was emitted during the manufacture of these silicone materials*

*(Global Silicones Council. 2020. Socio-economic evaluation of the global silicones industry.)

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