About Us

Silicones Europe is a non-profit trade organisation representing
all major producers of silicones in Europe. We provide information on silicones from a health, safety and environmental perspective.

Our primary mission is to raise awareness of silicones and their many uses as well as to promote their safety from a health, societal and environmental perspective.

What we do

  • Commission, co-ordinate, and guide scientific research on questions of health, safety, and the environment.


  • Interpret and evaluate data.


  • Provide information and perspective to European and international regulators.


  • Co-ordinate input from the silicone industry on issues affecting the overall chemical sector.


  • Liaise with sister organisations – especially the Silicones Environmental, Health and Safety Council of North America (SEHSC) and the Silicones Industry Association of Japan (SIAJ)


  • Provide information on the benefits of silicones in everyday life.

How we do it

Silicones Europe is a sector group of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council. Founded in 1972, Cefic is the voice of large, medium and small chemical companies across Europe, which provide 1.2 million jobs and account for approximately about 15% of world chemicals production.

Our industry in numbers (2018)

Europe Silicones industry
617.000 tonnes
of formulated silicone products produced
8.000 people
directly employed
€2,63 billion
direct annual sales value
Europe Downstream Value
€8,1 billion
estimated annual sales value of final products containing silicones
1.4 million
people estimated employment

Where can you find us?

European Headquarters:
  • CHT, Germany.
  • Dow, Switzerland.
  • DuPont, Switzerland.
  • Elkem, France.
  • Evonik, Germany.
  • Momentive, Germany.
  • Shin-Etsu, The Netherlands.
  • Wacker, Germany
  • Bridgwater, UK.
  • Geretsried, Germany.
  • Oyten, Germany.
  • Lainate MI, Italy.
  • Wiesbaden, Germany.
  • Seneffe, Belgium.
  • Barry, UK.
  • Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Caronno Pertusella VA, Italy.
  • Lübeck, Germany.
  • Roussillon, France.
  • Saint-Fons, France.
  • Saint-Fons, France.
  • Salaise-sur-Sanne, France.
  • Santa Perpetua, Spain.
  • Essen, Germany.
  • Pandino, Italy.
  • Geesthacht, Germany.
  • Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Ostende, Belgium.
  • Hamina, Finland.
  • Wesseling, Germany.
  • Bonn-Beuel, Germany.
  • Zubillaga-Lantarón, Spain.
  • Termoli, Italy.
  • Gyor, Hungary.
  • Almere, The Netherlands.
  • Nuenchritz, Germany.
  • Burghausen, Germany.
  • Pilsen – Skymany, Czech Republic.

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