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Silicones & You

Silicones have literally thousands of applications that collectively bring safety, comfort and enjoyment to life. They improve the performance and reliability of millions of modern products...Read more

The Science

Silicones chemistry is one of the most versatile chemistries on the planet, rendering it full of possibilities and producing a wide range of formulations and uses from aesthetic to technical...Read more

Who is CES?

We are a non-profit organisation representing all major producers of silicones in Europe. We provide information on silicones from a health, safety and environmental perspective...Read more

The performance, durability & reliability of millions of modern products depend on #silicones. Find out how… https://t.co/Lyr3rqgQyJ
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“Energy Landscape” is the first of an exciting four-part mini-documentary series that profiles silicones as key technology enablers that will help to meet the world’s energy needs.