Measuring snow scavenging of two airborne cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes under controlled conditions

2021/07/16 Read more

Recent, preliminary data show D4, D5 levels in wastewater lower than expected

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Periodic Update Report #2 for cVMS (D4 & D5) Restriction Monitoring in EU Program

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Bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes (cVMS) in the aquatic marine food webs of the Oslofjord, Norway

2018/05/01 Read more

Understanding of Cyclic Volatile Methyl Siloxane Fate in a High Latitude Lake Is Constrained by Uncertainty in Organic Carbon–Water Partitioning

2016/12/06 Read more

Trophic dilution of cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes (cVMS) in the pelagic marine food web of Tokyo Bay, Japan

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