Silicones. Building endless possibilities for construction.

Silicones play a key role in many aspects of construction.
Silicone materials have revolutionised construction since they were first introduced on the market in the 1960s.

A selection of construction applications using silicones:






A total of

metric tons

of silicone products were sold
to the sector in Europe

With a direct sales value of

million euro

Silicones bond with most materials from concrete, glass, granite and marble to aluminium, steel and plastics. They are extremely durable and can resist decay caused to other materials by rough weather conditions, moisture or sunlight. Silicone sealants can prevent humidity and hot or cold air from coming through joints and cracks, thereby making buildings more energy efficient.

Their flexibility can also reduce damage from small to medium-scale earthquakes. Even very small amounts of silicone contribute to great energy savings. For example, silicone used in insulated glass units has an impressive benefit in terms of green-house gas emissions.

How silicones help our lives