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Silicones Uses

In one way or another, the performance and reliability of millions of modern products depend on silicones.

From healthcare to energy to construction, silicones are found in thousands of applications which we take for granted today. For example, silicones facilitate large wind turbines with greater energy potential and they are also found in thousands of industrial applications. In healthcare, for instance, silicone products are used in prosthetics improving our quality of life, while in railway locomotives they provide tough, long-lasting motor insulation and lubricants for bearings.
Silicones are used to create parts, coatings and other important elements which are incorporated into thousands of articles and end products. Their presence is not always immediately obvious to the end user, consumer or to the relevant government authority. The use of silicones is so widespread that it is a challenge to identify and evaluate the full extent of their use and socioeconomic effect.


Below are eight key sectors that represent either the largest silicones markets orwhere their role is considered to be particularly significant in terms of theirperformance characteristics of downstream products.


To learn about how these products are regulated, visit the Health and Safety section.