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Value and added value

Silicone sealants

Silicone sealants are a large family of products. They range from sophisticated adhesives for transport and advanced architecture to universal applications to control water and moisture. One of these is bathroom sealants.

The diagram below shows how each stage in the value chain adds value to arrive at final products. This is a highly simplified scheme and the prices given are for illustration only. In practice two or all the different stages may be undertaken within one firm.

A total of 13.5 billion Euro added value was created from the sales of ‘final’ silicone products across Europe


Market trends

Personal care and cosmetics are important markets for silicones, and have achieved a high degree of market penetration in the past 25 years. Total sale of silicones in Europe for the Personal Care industry are estimated at 40,000 tons.

Product innovations continue to expand the useful application range of silicones. Emerging markets, especially in Asia, are providing new opportunities for geographical expansion. The following markets have been identified high-growth areas for silicones, driven by the need for longer-lasting and better performing materials:

  • Personal care products
  • High-performance coatings in consumer and in industrial applications
  • Microelectronics