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Assessment of presence of CMR substances in certain categories of consumer articles that could be subject of Article 68(2) of REACH

CES-Silicones-Europe would like to share its opinion on a report commissioned by DG Environment concerning of “Assessment of presence of CMR substances in certain categories of consumer articles that could be subject of Article 68(2) of REACH” (Final Report Contract 07.0203/2018 /789896/ENV.B.2).

In the report, the authors found silicone products containing i.e. Bisphenol A, Diisobutyl phthalate, Naphthalene, 1-isopropyl-2,2-dimethyltrimethylene Diisobutyrate, etc.

CES maintains that we as an industry are not aware of any technical necessity that these substances should be added to silicone products. When verifying with the report developer, they confirmed that the sources of these specific products were unknown.

The manufacturing process for silicones is highly complex and cost-intensive. Since they are sold by weight, it is possible that silicones were blended with substances which are by weight less costly in order to reduce the material cost.

While adding such substances would lower production costs, it would equally lead to a significant reduction in product performance as well as potential negative effects for human health and the environment.

Hence, users of silicone products are strongly requested to ensure that the used silicones are sourced from known and trusted suppliers.

About cyclosiloxanes D4, D5 and D6: D4, D5 and D6 are cyclosiloxanes, basic members of the broad family of silicone materials. These are the three main cyclosiloxanes in commercial production and their use has been proven safe for human health and the environment.

About CES – Silicones Europe: CES-Silicones Europe (CES) is a non-profit organisation representing all major producers of silicones in Europe. CES is a sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), the forum and voice of the European chemicals industry. We aim to develop and provide scientific information on silicone products from a health, safety and environmental perspective. Our mission is to raise awareness of silicones’ many uses and their importance to the Global/European economy as well as the wellbeing and lifestyle of today's society.

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