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REACH is the EU’s Regulation on Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals, adopted in 2006.

"When it entered into force in June 2007, REACH replaced more than 40 earlier pieces of legislation and introduced some of the most important changes to the EU’s management of chemicals in 30 years."

More information about REACH and its implications for industry can be found here. CES members have contracted ReachCentrum SPRL, a REACH services provider, to manage the consortium Reconsile and implement a REACH compliance strategy for the silicone industry in Europe. More information about Reconsile is available here.

Reconsile members successfully registered 43 substances produced or imported in volumes greater than 1000 tons/year before the 30 November 2010 deadline and XX substances of 100 tons/year before the 1 June 2013 deadline. The consortium is now working on the remaining substances that must be registered in the next phase of REACH, with a deadline in 2018.