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Health & Safety

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our products. Over 35 years of scientific research have been dedicated to assess the safety of silicones relative to workers, consumers, the environment and manufacturing processes.

The results of this continuous research and testing demonstrate that silicones are safe in their diverse and important applications, which contribute enormously to comfort, safety and enjoyment in our daily lives.

Committed to the responsible use of silicones, the industry continues to evaluate the science behind the materials through several rigorous research programs. Research methods include computer modeling, laboratory testing, environmental monitoring and other approaches.

"We cooperate closely with regulatory agencies and panels in Europe and internationally, and share new research data with them as it becomes available."

Numerous regulations in the EU and its member countries as well as international conventions ensure that chemicals and the products they are used in are safe for consumers and workers. On these pages you will find out more about some of the most important European regulations.