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Silicones Uses

In one way or another, the performance and reliability of millions of modern products depend on silicones.

For example, silicones give modern personal care products essential qualities which we take for granted today and they are also found in thousands of industrial applications. In aerospace applications, for instance, silicone products increase the lifespan of vital components, while in railway locomotives they provide tough, long-lasting motor insulation and lubricants for bearings.

Silicones are used as coatings to protect facades and historical monuments and are also used for window and bathroom seals. Silicones are the basis for coolants in transformers, protective encapsulating material for semiconductors in computers and foam-control agents in laundry detergents.

The electronics and telecommunications industries need silicones to insulate and attach optical fibres and silicon wafers and chips. Some of their many other uses include adhesion promoters in glues, sealants, pigments and paints, water repellents in textiles, insulators for wires and cables, and strengthening agents to reinforce rubber. 

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