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Did you know?

Facts & Figures

Total sales of silicones in Europe are estimated at 2.5 billion Euro a year, making it a significant economic sector which accounts for some 10,000 jobs. Silicones in Europe generate an impressive € 9 billion of wealth per annum for European society.


Silicones are well-known for their versatility, which makes them ideally suited for a variety of applications:

Key Performance AttributesMain Applications
Lubricity, substantivity Personal care, laundry care, textile finishing lubricants
Surface activity Defoaming, release coating/additives
Use in wide temperature range Rubbers, sealants
Biocompatibility Medical, surgical
Low electrical conductivity and low dielectric constant Electrical insulating products
Resistance to oxidation Seals, cables and heat transfer applications
Durability and water repellency Construction, textiles